Cllr’s credibility questioned

Daniel Chida
UNDER QUESTION: Thamiso Chabalala

Kanye voters demand answers

Botswana Democratic Party (BDP)’s Councillor for Mafhikana ward in Kanye, Thamiso Chabalala is at the crossroads, his credibility hanging in the balance because of unfulfilled promises to his electorates.

Some members of his ward are not happy that the area councillor has been playing hide and seek with them when they demand answers on what happened to the projects he had promised them in last election cycle.

The demand for accountability by the community is said to have come after the people in his area realised that he was no longer seeking another term as a councillor but had set his sights on the Member of Parliament for Kanye East seat.

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The community of Mafhikana, like many others, has its share of challenges and with fervent determination, Chabalala had promised to breathe new life into his neglected ward, to pave the way for prosperity and growth.

His promise to extend and expand the clinic for better healthcare has remained a distant dream.

The internal roads, which he once promised to pave have remained rough and worn out.

The councillor is alleged to have even gone a step further and collected money from the community for roads development but never delivered on that.

“Such empty promises are likely to cost the party. Where is our credibility?” asked a concerned BDP member? However, amidst the growing chorus of dissatisfaction, Chabalala stood his ground, defending his actions with a mix of determination and desperation. He spoke of government plans gone awry, of limitations beyond his control.

The space, he argued, was too confined for the grand projects envisioned.

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“The space at the clinic is too small for extension. We also found out that government is going to build a laboratory there making the space even smaller. As for the money contributed, I was never the treasurer but what I know is that the project was abandoned,” he said.

Regarding the road, Chabalala said that the project was on the way.

“Some roads will be tarred while others will be paved,” he claimed.

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