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ESCAPED: MC Theo's crash

Well wishes to Mc Theo

Shaya would like to send well wishes to MC Theo, who was involved in a horror crash on Saturday night.

Looking at the terrible images and judging from the state of his car, the young star is lucky to be alive.

I know Theo to be well mannered with a promising career and we hope to see him back on stage with his sexy dance moves.

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Get well buddy, then maybe we can talk about where you were coming from on the night of the accident…

Political pain

A former opposition Councillor lured to the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) under the impression she would be rewarded with a plump post in the second city has been left with fried egg on the face.

Shaya learnt that the entrepreneur turned politician was promised the Deputy Mayoral position, a promise that convinced her to cross floors to the red corner.

However, following the recent Mayoral elections, where less than five people voted for our politician, Yours Truly has been informed that the seemingly naïve political newcomer feels betrayed by her new party.

Look here, Shaya has one critical piece of advice for you: politics is a game of numbers.

Canvass for votes, convince fellow councillors that you’re a better leader, otherwise forget it!

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Chilling out
FOREX GURU: General Motaso

The rise of Motaso

Indeed hard work pays and Shaya would like to believe that the controversial Omphile Siphiwe Boikanyo aka The General Motaso is one example.

Considering how the self-acclaimed Forex guru has turned his life around, one wishes him nothing but the best.

Motaso can be an example to many if he sends his message across well.

Chilling out
Xukuri Xukuri

Things they say

I’m a bona fide member of BNF of UDC and by implication a member of UDC in good standing as an individual UDC Councillor in good standing.

ke nna le personal responsibility and obligation to defend and protect the image of UDC by all cost.

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Fa ke tswa mo taolong UDC e tshwanetse go nkgalemela and that is the responsibility of UDC NEC to ensure there is order.

Nyaa mme o letse a tsentse sekolo Cde Advocate Duma Gideon Boko UDC President.

Ke mo utlwele tota- UDC Councillor Xukuri Xukuri

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