Chillin Out Friday March 22, 2024

Chombo, Masisi, Cyde Snr & K-Flos (L-R)


This Bulela Ditswe should come and go before things go haywire.

Shaya has been informed that despite sitting next to each other in parliament, two BDP Ministers no longer talk to each other.

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Things are said to have gone out of hand after the man found out that he was being pushed out by the powers that be to pave way for the woman.

Things have gotten so heated between the two that each one of them is organizing own events without inviting the other.

Its time you act President Mokgweetsi Masisi before the cold war explodes into open fire!


Shaya is deeply concerned about a former Boxing champion who has recently lost focus on a sport that used to put good food on his table.

The celebrated boxer appears more focused on spending time with boys around dark corners in the big city.

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Some in his circle believe the boxer has a developed an insatiable taste for same sex relations.

Well, Shaya does not care which team you choose but advises you to find a partner and settle down quickly or kiss your once promising career goodbye.

We need that medal again Pa! So, focus on the ring!


Miss World Botswana Lesego Chombo was honored with a heroic welcome fit for royalty on Sunday.

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This is after a sterling performance at the 71st Miss World pageant in India.

Chombo was driven around Gaborone in a motorcade that saw her do the royal wave until the very end.

Batswana waited eagerly by the roadside to get a glimpse of what Miss World Africa looks like.

The support was just out of this world.

Congratulations Chombo and all Batswana who stood by her all the way to the very end.


The Department of Broadcasting Services (DBS) roadshow strives to unearth talent in the entertainment space but some of these artists are just big headed.

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Maybe they do not understand what organisations such as BOMU exist for.

One K-Flos gave BOMU officials a hard time in Tlokweng on the sidelines of the roadshow when he refused to register with the union.

Mr Flos, as an artist I think you know better, you have to be an affiliate in order to be recognized in certain events, just fork out the P170 membership fee.

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Shaya noted that the once-famous Forex trader, Cyde Snr, was upset with what Shaya wrote about him last month, going so far as to post on Facebook and express his displeasure with the article only to delete the post soon after.

It wasn’t out of hatred, young man; you can’t kick a dying horse.

Shaya was simply telling you to keep your head up and wish you the best.

Those advising you to sue Shaya are trying to squander your time and money.

I would encourage you to concentrate on getting back on your feet to avoid the sheriffs knocking on your door.

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