Chillin Out Friday March 15, 2024

Modidima, Chombo, Moswaane & Rooyen (R-L)


Comedian and businessman, Modidima must know it is important to be sensitive to the solemn atmosphere at funerals.

On Sunday after the burial of Kwaito legend, Thabo Mapetla Ntirang in Tonota, Modidima hijacked the microphone from the MC to shamelessly advertise his business, Modidima Farm.

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Although the funnyman started well, controlling and directing the crowd on where to get lunch, the loud, always chatty Chef abruptly changed the topic and asked those driving back from TNT to Gaborone to make a stop by his farm and buy his food.

We’ve all got to hustle in these tough times but there’s a time and place to promote your business and, out of respect for the sombre occasion, a funeral is not one of these times!


Even if it didn’t come as a surprise, Lifestyle journalists were given the middle finger this past Saturday when they attended the Miss World watch party in Gaborone.

Not only did the hard-working scribes feel like they were ‘Moeng o etetse mang’ at the party, but they were boldly told that they were not invited.

Shaya is not at all happy with this kind of treatment, because the media played a significant role in supporting Miss World Africa, Lesego Chombo.

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The Miss Botswana Organisation team should learn ‘you don’t bite the hand that feeds you.’

Next time consider the media as a very important stakeholder or watch the space!


Although it happened almost four years ago, the defection of Francistown West Member of Parliament (MP) Ignatius Moswaane to the opposition block has given the ruling Botswana Democratic Party a lasting headache.

Party faithful in the constituency are apparently unimpressed by the caliber of aspiring MPs.

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Grembo Kealotswe and Raoboy Mpuang are the two known candidates expected to stand in the red machine’s primary elections.

Shaya has learnt that a section of Democrats have vowed to bring back Moswaane, since they don’t trust that the two candidates have what it takes to represent them.

Surely, Moswaane won’t be tempted to return?


Shaya is deeply concerned about a former Boxing champion who has recently lost focus on a sport that used to put good food on his table.

The celebrated boxer appears more focused on spending time with boys around dark corners in the big city.

Some in his circle believe the boxer has a taste for another team and now can’t get enough.

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Well, Shaya does not care which team you choose but advises you to find a partner and settle down quick or kiss your once promising career goodbye.

We need that medal again Pa! So, focus on the ring!


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“You can’t use a truck to transport oranges on this road. By the time they arrive in Selebi Phikwe it’ll be juice”- Kwadiwa Ranch GM, Mario van Rooyen.

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