Chillin Out Friday January 23, 2024

Issacs (L), Mmammidi (Top Centre), Miss World Lesotho (Bottom Centre) & Cyde (R)


After an entire month and a half, a woman whose corpse was stuck in Scotland for a month has finally been laid to rest.

Keotshepile Naso Isaacs was buried on Tuesday in Otse village.

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Mourners came in large numbers to pay their last respects to this woman who was brutally murdered by her husband, Mompati Isaacs in Scotland.

The deceased leaves behind three young boys.

May Her Soul Rest In Peace.


“Khumo Matlhare ya thothorega” is a Setswana phrase that means you can be rich one day and poor the next.

Shaya has been keeping an eye on one forex broker, Cyde Snr, who used to be one of the country’s most profitable traders, driving expensive cars and spending lavishly around the city.

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Everything seems to have vanished, including the cars and the apartments he rented.

Baby Mama has apparently abandoned him too.

Currently, the young man is fleeing sheriffs and a swarm of creditors.

Every day, he is listed on social media platforms sought for debts.

Shaya prays that you discover your light, young guy.

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Shaya also heard rumours that your downfall is due to karma.

If you ever want to be rich you’d better change that attitude.


Drama never ends with Mmamidi, the popular cultural cuisine vendor.

This week Mmamidi posted on Facebook on Monday night, complaining about suppliers whom she felt were overpricing products.

She went on to post a screenshot of a conversation she had with one supplier on WhatsApp whom she felt overpriced her whole wheat (Korong), as well as a receipt with lower pricing from competitors she had bought from before in order to prove her point that indeed some suppliers do overprice.

Face bookers went gagster on her reminding her that it wasn’t necessary to name and shame other hustlers as she could’ve moved on to another supplier quietly without making a fuss about it.

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Face bookers also dragged the caterer on hot coal for failing to realise that as much as she decides her own prices for food, which is not necessarily cheap, suppliers too have a right and valid reasons for their pricing.

Shaya too, condemns what Mmamidi did.

Watch out Sis, before everything you worked hard for goes down the drain.

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You know how Batswana uphold modesty and detest pride.


Some were at it again this week body shaming and making fun of some of the 71st Miss World Contestants.

Miss World Lesotho was the most ridiculed on Facebook with Batswana leading the pack.

The Miss World team visited Raj Ghat in Delhi but Shaya was more concerned with the reputation that we are creating.

Mind you in the past the same thing happened and it caused tension between our contestant and others.


“Why are they giving the referee water? He doesn’t deserve a drink, he’s been terrible!”

Unimpressed Eleven Angels fans grumbling about the officiating during the drinks break of their BPL match with Morupule Wanderers

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