Chillin Out Friday 27 January 2023

ON THE MOVE: Gomolemo Zimona


Some of the things our Pastors get up to behind closed doors will really shock you. Shaya has been reliably informed that a local Man of God lied to his church, telling congregants that he was visiting Nigeria for prayers when in fact he travelled to Ghana for powers.

What this pastor got up to in West Africa beggars belief.

Apparently the church leader, known for his lavish lifestyle and love of expensive cars and clothes, allowed his masters to have sex with his wife while he waited outside.

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Although the poor woman is said to have been screaming loud enough for him to hear, our Pastor apparently did nothing – his only concern was on getting his powers, which he was told would only be delivered to him through sex with his wife.

Talk about selling your soul to the Devil!

Madam, if you want to open up, then Shaya is available as an ear to cry on.


Talking of Pastors, a promising female church member, who seemed destined for greater things due to her unwavering belief in the Bible, looks to have veered way off course.

Shaya does not know if her divorce is the cause for her unholy behavior but the once bubbly woman is said to have turned to prostitution, selling her body at one of the lodges in Block 9.

It seems she is quite picky though, and although she is running a business, does not settle for any Tom, Dick or Harry.

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We all know how hard it is out there, but no one could have predicted this future for you.

Maybe it’s time you focus on preaching and ignore the myth that for one to make it as a Pastor sex is the way to the top.


It is now clear that our senior government officials are either frustrating new comers or the newbies find nothing exiting about working there.

Having been the Head of Marketing and Communications at Botswana Housing Corporation (BHC), Gomolemo Zimona made a surprise move to join govt, where he was appointed Director of Government Communications.

While Shaya was expecting a big change considering Zimona’s impressive track record and experience, guess what? He long resigned!

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Zimona has left government to join KBL.

It is not clear what could have led to this giant leaving government after such a short stint in office but you can be sure Shaya will get to the bottom of this!


In a bad-tempered BPL encounter between Township Rollers and Security Systems on Sunday, the tension spilled over to the sidelines.

Popa’s photographer received his marching orders after he was busted sending a ball boy to throw away a water bottle that had been left beside the Systems goalpost.

Chillin Out Friday 27 January 2023
OFF YOU GO: Photographer gets his marching orders

It seems he believed the bottle was with muti to stop his team from scoring.

Now Shaya doesn’t believe in magic but it must be noted that almost immediately after the bottle was removed, Rollers managed to score a late equalizer to salvage a 1-1 draw!

To add to the ill-feeling, players and officials from both sides had to be separated at the final whistle after allegations of spitting.

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