Chillin Out Friday 17 November, 2023



It appears that Pearl Thusi’s goddess looks have made DJ Sway to forget where his bread is buttered.

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He was seen swooning over the enemy, which is concerning to Shaya.

After her wardrobe malfunction tantrum, the Pearl of Africa apparently went clubbing with Thabsie who was in the country for the Leteisi on Fleek event, and surprisingly, DJ Sway joined them.

Since then, his Timeline on Facebook has been flooded with kiss-assey posts about what an awesome person Pearl is, and that Pearl has invited him over to SA for festive.

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Has Sway picked sides, is there more to the story that he isn’t letting us in on?

Whatever the case is, Shaya hopes you know what you’re doing because so far, the messages you’re sending may be interpreted in the wrong way.

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There is nothing more stressful than being in the limelight, thank God Shaya doesn’t have to deal with any of that! Yours Truly is however concerned about our athlete of the year Letsile Tebogo who recently posted a tiktok video which may have been a cry for help.

Chillin Out Friday 17 November, 2023
Letsile Tebogo

“Nna ke imetswe ke le ngwana. We always hide through the smiles,” was the caption, which was attached to the infamous “not suicidal, but I wouldn’t mind if I died,” tiktok sound. Apparently, during his recent visit to Kanye, Schooloboy seemed ‘out of it’.

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Perhaps the pressure of expectation is starting to weigh on him.

It’s okay to take breaks Champ, you’ve already made us proud.

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Social media influencer and upcoming DJ, Kelebogile Megano must want to add “Real Housewife” to her portfolio because she has a neck for starting drama.

One would have thought that she has learnt a lesson after her last scandal which sent her fleeing from social media with her tail between her legs, however, that is not the case, as she recently embarrassed herself in an effort to come at Muvhango actress Seneo Mabengano by suggesting that she likes to be the main attraction.

Chillin Out Friday 17 November, 2023
MEAN GIRLS: Mabengano & Megano

This was after she posted stunning bikini pictures of herself in Cape Town.

Whatever stunt she was trying to pull, it looked as if Kele was bothered by Seneo’s shine and all the attention she got, hence the shade. She better ‘fess up and state what exactly is her case, because so far, she’s coming off as a mean and bitter troll.

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