Child rights activist in sex abuse scandal

A well-known traditional doctor and Boatlaname village anti-child abuse committee leader, Kgosiemang Motshitshi is accused of raping his girlfriend’s 13-year-old-orphaned niece.

Motshitshi, 48, was brought before Molepolole Magistrates’ court this week facing two counts of rape and one of attempted rape of the standard 7 girl, offences occurring in 2018 and 2019.

It is alleged that the girlfriend who became the girl’s guardian after her mother died was cohabiting with Motshitshi at his place when the alleged crime happened.

In a bail-opposing affidavit filed before court, prosecution stated that the victim was subjected to abuse, which has caused her to be afraid of the suspect because he once assaulted her for complaining about his ill treatment.

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He was also reported to have been in a habit of taking advantage of the absence of the aunt to sexually abuse the girl.

However, the aunt is also being investigated for neglecting the child by failing to report molestation, a matter which she is likely to be charged for and made to appear before court.
Last month when the aunt was away from home, Motshitshi reportedly instructed the girl to undress for bathing only for him to fondle her breasts and private parts before she could escape to the neighbours in her panties.

While the neighbour was still questioning the traumatised girl, Motshitshi showed up in hot pursuit claiming she was refusing to bath. However the concerned neighbour took the girl to the police to report the matter.
“ The suspect has the audacity to undress the victim and pretend to be bathing her with traditional herbs alleging that she had bad spirits while he knows the correct way to handle the girl child since he is an anti-child abuse village committee leader, thus satisfying his sexual demands by pretending to be administering traditional healing,” reads the affidavit.

Further opposing Motshitshi’s bail, the Investigating Officer under Gender and Child Protection Unit, Constable Masedi Rasefako revealed that dependency by the caretaker on the suspect makes her violate the right to freedom of religion, right to protection against sexual abuse and exploitation of the child.

Motshitshi’s 10-year-old daughter is also alleged to be a witness to the sexual abuse that happened to the victim.
The police expressed fear that the victim is still in trauma as the people she grew up knowing to be her father and mother have subjected her to sexual abuse.

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When given chance to speak in court, Motshitshi claimed he did not know anything about the offences and emphasized that he had brought up the victim since birth.

When advised by Magistrate Keabetswe Majuta to concentrate on the issue of bail, he said he was the one caring for the victim as her birth certificate was damaged by rain and therefore he had to be released on bail so he could go and print a new one.
“I also left my things unattended since I have been in police cells for the past nine days,” he remorsefully told the court.
He remains in custody to wait for his bail application ruling scheduled for Friday (December 17th, 2021).

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