Charma Gal plans moving tribute

Sharon Mathala

Having delivered hit-after-hit on a regular basis for 18 years, the matriarch of Mosakaso, Charma Gal, will host a special concert to celebrate her time in the industry.

Slated for 29 October at the National Stadium, with legendary Congolese crooner, Kofi Olomide, set to feature, ‘Kgosi ya Mosadi’ will see Charma Gal take her fans on a trip down memory lane as she reflects on her musical journey – a voyage littered with incredible highs and devastating lows.

Known for her powerful, moving live performances, the show takes on an added emotional edge, with the ‘Sekuta’ star revealing she will donate 10 percent of the proceeds to her deceased dancers.

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Back in 2016, five of her backing dancers died in a horrific road accident, when a tire burst on their seven-seater minibus, causing it to overturn on the way back from a show in Kang.

“I will use the money to erect their tombstone and if there is change I will give the rest to their families. That was a difficult moment in my life and I want to remember them and honor them,” the Lerala-native tells Voice Entertainment.

The singer, born Magdeline Lesolebe but known to the world as Charma Gal, admits the event has been a long time coming.

“The concert is really just about showcasing my musical journey from my days with Culture Spears before branching off to a solo artist,” explains the 38-year-old.

Having originally become a household name as one the of lead singers of traditional group, Culture Spears, where she shared the mic with her now ex-husband, Kabelo Mogwe, Charma Gal hit new heights when going it alone.

With nine solo albums to her name, she has gained a cult following for her command of the native language, setting herself apart with her clever use of Setswana, backed by punchy idioms and upbeat melodies.

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While her studio work and live shows make the middle of the paper, her hectic love life has all too often been splashed across the front pages.

Undeterred, Charma Gal has never wavered, her musical quality shining through even in the toughest moments; with all now calm in her personal life, the timing is perfect for a blockbuster show.

Although the rest of the ‘Kgosi ya Mosadi’ line-up is still to be revealed – as are ticket prices – 65-year-old Olomide has been confirmed as one of the big-hitters.

The award-winning Soukas singer last performed in Botswana back in 2005, when he lit up Gaborone’s Blue Tree.

17 years later he returns to find a musical landscape drastically evolved from the one he last encountered – much of that is down to Charma Gal’s contribution!

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