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RADIO PERSONALITY: Phalaagae Nthoiwa

Bonolo Phalaagae-Nthoiwa is a charismatic Transformation Coach working with families, individuals and teams. The Mochudi born radio presenter is best known for her Sunday talk show, ‘The Family Show’ on Duma FM.

I see you are back on air after a five-week break – why the time off?
First, I needed some rest, some ‘me-time’, time to go inward to reconnect with myself. I needed to pause a bit and restart – and I certainly needed full weekends with my husband!
Secondly, I had been taking an intensive coaching program as I was sharpening my Family Coaching skills, so I needed time to integrate all that knowledge, insights and skills.
Thirdly, as I have now finally responded to my calling of bringing families together, I needed time to evaluate my businesses. I needed to start my work as a Family Coach and I needed to be there 100 percent.

Tell us about The Family Show?
The Family Show is a three-hour talk show on Duma FM, airing on Sundays from 1 to 4pm. The show provides a platform for families to openly discuss family issues. It serves to promote communication at a family level and engage in even uncomfortable conversations that need to be addressed.What impact does it have?
I have been doing the Family Show the past three years. I have witnessed great improvement in how my listeners engage. It was difficult in the beginning, people were always blaming others for things I knew to be within their control as families; they blamed: government, Children’s Act, Childline, the President etc.

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The show dares families to effectively communicate with each other, to work their conflict management and resolution, to intentionally align their belief and value systems so no topic will ever be needed by anyone else but family members. I remember when I started challenging my listeners who claimed that the Children’s Act impedes child discipline. I asked all of them if they had a copy of the said Act and to quote sections of the act that impedes discipline, yes, they couldn’t. We have received countless messages, our listeners sharing their testimonies, all our topics bring transforming conversations.

What are your plans for the show going forward?
I plan to bring transforming family stories through the show, to go on the ground to help families and later share successes on air. This will help us grow beyond promoting effective communication.

What inspired you to be a radio presenter?
I approached Duma FM realising I have a lot of content that could help families. Radio remains a powerful platform so I knew I’d be able to reach most Botswana families through this platform.

Congratulations on your recent wedding – how is married life treating you?
Thank you so much! Marriage life is bliss, oh God! To have someone in my life to share my life and love with is awesome. I’m very happy, my husband loves me, I love him too. I’m learning a lot, what I learn from my marriage helps me a lot as a Family Coach.

How easy/difficult was adding hubby’s name to the brand Bonolo Kim Phalaagae?
It was an easy process for me. My husband knew and understood that I’m a brand, all he wanted to know when we talked about this is who I am going to be called – I opted for double barrel to retain brand Bonolo Phalaagae and honour my marriage as Bonolo Phalaagae-Nthoiwa.

When was the last time you cried and why?
I cried on 19th November 2021, a day before my graduation. Last year I signed up for a year-long transforming coaching program. I was preparing my graduation speech which was actually my transformation story. As I was typing, I felt a rush of different emotions thinking about the transformation work I had to do. I sometimes embarrassed myself, I had to sometimes allow myself to be vulnerable and the sleepless nights processing certain things in my life. Working on yourself is hard, I broke down as I was typing!

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Who is your favorite artist locally and the song?
Lizibo – Malebeswa Nthuwangu.

Five things people don’t know about you?
(Laughing), I’m actually an open book, I’m going to struggle with this one so I’m going to state what I think most people don’t know about me but I might be wrong.

1. I’m a very spiritual person
2. I love acting, I’m pursuing it
3. I was a secondary school teacher
4. I was a softball player

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