Celeb edition with Mothusi Lesolle

Sharon Mathala
ROCKING FASHION: Lesolle on point

Mothusi Lesolle is one of the dominant figures in the local fashion industry.

We catch up with the fashion guru for this two-minute chat.

Q. For the few who have never heard of you how would you introduce yourself?

I wear many hats within my community and showbiz but I feel at home when I’m acknowledged for my work as a fashion designer that advocates for fashion with a purpose.

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Q. What would you say defines Mothusi?

When all is said and done my love and respect for all people are the principles that govern my life.

Q. What makes you vulnerable?

Falling in love.

It’s the one place that makes me feel so vulnerable.

It scares me to give myself into something that I have no control of.

Q. You will be participating at the Fashion without borders masterclass, tell us what to expect?

I will be talking about something very close to my heart at Fashion Without Borders end of this month.

I will be talking about my position as a transformational fashion designer and what I advocate for being commercializing culture, sustainable fashion practices and practicing fashion ethically such that it’s benefiting to the people involved and the communities we work within.

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Q. The fashion industry is not as vibrant as before, what went wrong?

Almost every business has been affected by Covid.

Much as the consumer is cautious about their spending, creatives have also become cautious about how and what they create until such a time that we feel we can shift gear.

Q. What is the one thing Covid-19 has taught you?

To embrace all other aspects and platforms that exist within the fashion industry.

You can not place your eggs in one basket.

Diversification is key.

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Q. Who is your celebrity crush?

My celebrity crush!!!!I don’t have one, I’m the crush of many, lol

Q. Would you ever shoot a sex tape? do you have one?

When I get the body I been dreaming of babes I’m open to anything, I currently don’t have one.

Q. Tell us five things people don’t know about you

• I pray
• I am a good kisser
• I am scared of heights
• I am very shy
• I love dogs

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