Celeb Edition with Morris Ruzidvo

Sharon Mathala

For the last four years, speedy Zimbabwean winger, Morris Rusivo has been terrorising local defenders up and down the land.

The silky-skilled 28-year-old footballer currently plies his trade with Security Systems, who have taken this season’s Botswana Premier League by storm, sitting pretty at the top after eight games.

Celeb Edition takes a few shots with the diminutive midfielder, who makes up for his lack of height with his infectious energy!

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Q, You have made quite the impact during your time in Botswana football. Briefly talk us through your journey?

A. I have enjoyed my journey here.

I started at Sankoyo Bush Bucks in 2015 before joining Galaxy, where I won Mascom Top 8.

I then returned to Sankoyo, left for Centre Chiefs before settling at my final home, here at Systems.

It has really been a great journey and I have been accommodated and accepted like a local and I cherish every moment.

I have worked with great coaches and players in my time.

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Q. Tell us how your love for football developed?

A. I grew up as a very skillful player.

My love for football dates as far back as my early teens really.

In my neighbourhood people used to say I was destined to be the greatest player!

Peter Ndlovu made me love football – he was Zimbabwe’s best striker and I used to see myself in him.

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Q. So your hero was a striker but you ended up playing on the wing – how did that happen?

A. I started off as a wide striker.

I think because of my tiny body and my speed, that is why I have been made a winger.

But I am comfortable with those two positions any day.

Q. Apart from Ndlovu, who is your role model in football?

A. I have many but I would say South Africa’s Kaizer Chiefs player KhamaBilliat.

He is the best; each time I watch him play I just marvel at his skill.

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Internationally it would be Lucas Moura (Brazilian winger who plays for Tottenham Hotspurs in England).

Celeb Edition with Morris Ruzidvo
ON THE BALL: Ruzidvo of Security Systems

Q. What is the one piece of advice from a coach that you will never forget?

A. Stay away from alcohol, stay away from women and work hard.

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Set your goals and dreams higher and you will make it!

Q. If you were not playing football what career path would you have chosen?

A. I wanted to be a pastor; I really wanted to work for God!

So I would be at the pulpit.

Q. What is your biggest regret?

A. Turning down a scholarship and a chance to go play football in Italy.

I was young and I thought they were going to sell me or something that side – I was young!

Q. Who is your celebrity crush?

A. Hmmm! That is a tricky one.

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I don’t have any, maybe because I have a long time girlfriend!

Q. Have you ever been arrested by the police?

A. No, I have never been arrested!

I have only been to the police as a witness.

Q. Have you ever been in a fist-fight?

A. Of course. I have been in those, too many.

I grew up fighting and I enjoyed fighting!

Q. What is the worst thing you have ever said to a friend?

A. Growing up, admittedly I was quite a bad influence on my friends.

I remember one time my friend was cheated on by his girlfriend and I told him to go beat up the guy.

Q. Five things people don’t know about you?

  1. I have a twin
  2. I don’t drink
  3. I don’t have a best friend
  4. I have never been to a club
  5. I don’t drink tea

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