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Celeb edition with MC Holic

Kitso Ramono

The festive season has come and gone, and all groovers can talk about is which artist gave them a memorable experience during the holidays

In this week’s edition we get up close and personal with Francistown’s own hardworking entertainer, MC Holic who was quite busy these past holidays.

Who is Holic, if someone could ask?

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My name is Thabo Tanthuma, AKA MC Holic.

I am a 23-year-old Nkange boy living in Francistown.

Most people know me as an event MC, but I’m also a promoter, whether it’s for an event or a business, and a fashion consultant and Virtual Merchandiser, which is presently my full-time job at the Fix shop.

When did your MC calling start and what inspired you?

My obsession with being a MC began in high school.

I went to a boarding school where we had entertainment night every Friday in the school’s Multi-purpose hall, and I would take every chance to vibe along with the music and entertain other students.

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I suppose the great reception I received from my peers at the time gave me the courage to try out event Making.

When was your breakthrough into the industry?

I’ve been in the industry for around 3-4 years, but my big break came this year when I was booked by one of Gaborone’s biggest club lounges, the Matrix Lounge, to be a MC when they hosted one of South Africa’s top Amapiano DJs, HBK Live.

Since then, I’ve gotten bookings for practically every concert that takes place in Francistown.

I’ve welcomed international performers such as Murumba Pitch, Mas Musiq, and Ntate Stunna.

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I’d like to send SG flowers because he is the reason my name is well-known in F/town, as he was the first promoter to give me an opportunity during his All White Experience, and from the exposure I got to establish a reputation for myself.

How can you describe the entertainment industry in the North?

For me, it’s a 50/50 issue; I can’t say it’s difficult or easy because I’m still a newcomer although others believe I’ve already made it.

I recognise that there are folks I have met in the industry that I should learn from.

I suppose I’ll respond when I’m more familiar and comfortable with how things work here.

Which MCs do you look up to, locally and internationally and why?

I admire several local MCs, but those at the top of my list include SG, one of the top local promoters in the North thus far, and Hey Nyennah, who has remained relevant since his breakthrough in the entertainment industry.

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Uncool MC, a South African MC, has hooked me internationally.

All of these MCs inspire me since they share my beliefs and are experts in their fields, making it difficult not to admire and look up to them.

How many MC gigs did you have and how did you spend the rest of your festive besides attending gigs.

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I had three gigs this festive, Thapama all white Party, Cooler Box and Camp Chair picnic and lastly the Riverside Deck New Year’s Eve.

All these shows were a success.

I made people enjoy themselves.

On the days I wasn’t booked, I got to spend time with my loved ones and even visited my home village, Nkange.

Name five things people don’t know about you?

  1. I love speaking my mind
  2. I’m only confident on social media and reserved in real life
  3. I’m not only an MC but also a fashion consultant
  4. I am father to a 3-year-old
  5. I used to be a DJ back in high school.
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