Celeb Edition with DJ Bek-lala

Sharon Mathala

In the male-dominated deejaying industry, DJ Bek-lala is fast proving she has the talent and passion to mix it with the big boys. Although shy in person, the 28-year-old comes alive behind the decks, bursting with an energy that can liven up even the dullest of parties.

How did your passion for the deejay booth come about?
I have always been into music even from a young age. I remember I used to carry around my walkman everywhere I went! Actually my first love was TV. I really wanted to be a presenter on Mantlwaneng but for some reason I could not get myself to go for auditions so I decided to let that dream go.
Music, however, was something that was always within me and with me. Although I listened to all genres, I loved hip-hop above all else. Starting up was difficult; I almost gave up at some point but here I am now.

Has anyone ever tried to give you a gig in exchange for ‘benefits’?
Noooo! I have been fortunate not to go through that although I am aware of what other females go through. It is not a good place to be in. It sucks that some women have to be subjected to such, all in the name of a breakthrough!

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Do you believe female deejays are given a fair chance as compared to their male counterparts?
That is a definite NO! But I would say over the years things have become a little better for us – however, there is still a long way to go. I appreciate that there are places which now have days where it is strictly female deejays on the line-up. That really helps a lot.

What songs are on your current playlist?
I am an old school RnB type of girl. So right now I am jamming to anything from R-Kelly, EVE and Michael Jackson.

Who is your mentor?
My mother. She makes my life easier. I can never make any decision without her acknowledgment!


What is the one thing you do when no one is looking?
I actually make fun of people (laughing). But most times I just tuck in my corner and cry.

If you were to make one last phone call, who are you calling and why?
My little sister, Bambi Motsomatshukudu. She has somehow indirectly become my manager too – shhh don’t tell her!

Movies or Documentaries?
Movies, any day all day.

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Five things people don’t know about you?
1. I don’t go out unless I have a gig or it’s for business purposes
2. I quit alcohol
3. I sleep all day, really!
4. All my siblings are girls – three sisters but no brothers
5. I’m quite friendly but people think I am rude. I don’t know why!

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