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BW influencers of the year

Sharon Mathala
BW influencers of the year

As we close the curtain on 2019, what a roller coaster ride it has been!

Voice Entertainment’s SHARON MATHALA reflects on the last 12 months, compiling a list of the year’s top influencers.

These are individuals who have shown enormous power to affect purchase decisions of others because of their authority, knowledge and or position with their audience and is not based on followership only.

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BW influencers of the year
Sonny Serite

The veteran journalist has been a busy man in 2019.

He is undoubtedly one of those who set the tone on the social media streets.

With a combined Facebook and Twitter following of over 60, 000, love him or hate him, the self-proclaimed ‘Bruce Lee’ of Journalism certainly sets the tone of discussion.

BW influencers of the year

A Human Rights lawyer by profession and a managing partner at Ndadi Law Firm,Ndadi is no push over in the courts of law.

He certainly pushes the boundaries and has amassed close to 70, 000 followers across social media.

He recently took part -vigorously so – in one of Botswana’s prominent cases, defending former DIS employee Butterfly against the state.

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BW influencers of the year

A social media commentator and a political activist for the ruling party,Modise is another name which tops the list.

Whilst her commentary is more politically inclined, she definitely draws the traffic and directs the narrative on certain issues.

BW influencers of the year

She was recently interrogated by the Police for some of her comments on social media, but the ‘meme queen’ has also secured her name in the influencer list.

If you’re after a good laugh or a humorous way of looking at issues, Rere is the go to person.

BW influencers of the year
Kgosietsile Ngakaagae

A passionate critic of the death penalty, Ngakaagae hit the headlines when he saved his client, murder convict Thabo Masilo, from the hangman’s noose.

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He is also tasked with defending the accused persons in the NPF case, adding further mileage to his already stellar courtroom CV.

Ngakaagae’s opinion and expert analysis on issues have captivated Botswana whilst he has received love for his non-political alliance.

BW influencers of the year
Resego Motlhokathari

Paired with his long time friend and radio colleague, MissGeekays,Resego has landed a spot in our top 10.

The fashionista has over 171, 000 followers on his social media and recently landed a big Nivea deal.

BW influencers of the year
Gogontlejang Phaladi

GogontlejangPhaladi- with a followership of close to 90, 000 on social media, the philanthropist and motivational speaker is also topping the ‘industry experts ‘influencers.

Some have labelled her a future Minister. Goodluck sister.

BW influencers of the year
Daniel Kenosi

Some dismiss him as an unethical journalist blinded by his own agenda whilst Kenosi refers to himself as a businessman, journalist and blogger.

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The former Voice man is one of the most followed personalities in Botswana with a following of over 220, 000.

Whether you agree with him or not, his words will reach the streets regardless.

BW influencers of the year

The make-up guru is another influencer of note.

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With a fan base of close to 20, 000, Diamond’s influence is obvious.

His eccentric fashion sense is also a talking point.

BW influencers of the year

The comedian who made his mark through short comic video on social media closes our list for this year.

The comedian is now standing a little over 136 000 followers combined in social media.

With his recent work relationship with South African rapper Casper Nyovest Mjamaica is surely soaring for greater heights.


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