Burs on the move

Christinah Motlhabane
  • Revenue Service launch 2021/22 filing season

For the very first time, Botswana Unified Revenue Service (BURS) chose the city of Francistown to launch its filing season for the just ended 2021/22 tax year.

Held at Galo Mall from Monday to Wednesday, the initiative ran under the theme ‘#tsayakgato – have you registered for tax?’ as the tax collectors looked to educate the public on the importance of completing their tax returns.

Speaking at the event, streamed live on The Voice’s Facebook page, BURS Commissioner General, Jeanette Makgolo explained a filing season is the time when taxpayers submit their tax returns for the preceding tax year, which indicates how they have been taxed.

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“The requirement for individual filers is that those with gross income of less than P480, 000 per annum are not required to file a tax return provided their total income arises solely from employment, from a single employer and has been subject to correct pay as you earn,” she said.

Makgolo reminded businesses that they now have a month [up until 31 July] to submit their tax returns to show how much they have deducted from their workers.

She highlighted that when an individual submit their tax returns, both the taxpayer and BURS can ascertain the true amount of tax remitted to the revenue service by the taxpayer, thus contributing their fair share to the government coffers.

The Commissioner General closed by urging each one to make use of their e-services platform to file and pay online.

“By doing so, we will also be minimizing the spread of Covid-19 as we embrace the digitilisation strategy,” she said.

For his part, in his Welcome Speech, recently re-elected Francistown Mayor, Godisang Radisego stated that tax collection is the backbone of any economy.

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“It is where the government of the day finances its services and development. I am happy to announce that I am a beneficial of tax. We continue to enjoy subsided health services because of tax. We have developments like the state of the art road infrastructure, Kenneth Nkhwa interchange and the Obed Itani Chilume stadium,” he stressed.

The Mayor noted that 70 percent of the country’s budget is financed through revenue collected by BURS in form of various taxes.

Radisego concluded by urging people to play their part and pay all taxes as this ultimately contributes to the country’s development.

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