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Impala meat lands youth in hot soup

Christinah Motlhabane
ILL-FATED: Segaetsho

A young herdboy is set to pay a hefty price for ignoring the age old advice never to accept food from strangers.

Appearing before Francistown Magistrates Court last Friday, Brighton Segaetsho, 24, pleaded guilty to unlawful possession of a government trophy after being caught with Impala meat, which he insists was given to him by random men he met in the bush while rounding up his cattle.

The Zimbabwean was busted by the boys in blue on 11 December near Patayamatebele, a remote settlement in the North East.

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Having taken his cows to drink at a watering hole, which is where he claims to have received the meat from strangers, Segaetsho was leading the animals back to the farm when suspicious security guards stopped him.

They called the cops, who promptly arrived and detained the youngster before he could even cook and enjoy his meal. To add to the herdboy’s woes, it was revealed he was in the country without the required travelling documents.

Having already spent Christmas and New Years in custody, a frightened-looking Segaetsho, who confessed to both charges, was further remanded in jail. He is due back in court on Thursday (18 January) when it will be heard if he has any prior convictions.

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