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Bomaid expand health plans options

BOMAID CEO: Makgosana

In their effort to continue to improve on their offerings, Bomaid has since announced additional benefit enhancements that include Telehealth, Virtual Consultations, Homecare, Screening and Prevention Baskets, Chronic Basket and Reduction of out-of-pocket expenses.

These are in addition to the expansion of the health plans from 8 to 16 health plans available to customers to choose from.

This was said by Bomaid Chief Executive Officer, Moraki Mokgosana at their recent media engagement hosted at the Fund’s head office.

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“These initiatives are integral to our overall goal at Bomaid aligned to our ethos of providing health plans that suit the different persona that we have, not only in our member base but also those who wanted to join the Bomaid family. Thus, the revamp of our health plans to make them attractive at various levels of affordability and healthcare,” said Mokgosana

Among the topics discussed was the critical role the media plays in promoting the dissemination of relevant and timely information to all whilst also upholding their role as society’s watchdog and holding the Fund to account to their customers.

Mokgosana said the media engagement and feedback is critical as partners to ensure relevant and timely information is shared with their stakeholders.

Mokgosana emphasised on educating and increasing understanding on the importance of medical aid hence engaging with various stakeholders including the media to spread the message of a healthier and happier nation.

He said promoting quality healthcare is a role that calls for all of us to collectively embark on. He further elucidated on their product suite, citing that the Fund will continue to engage its stakeholders to meet their needs.

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