Bloody Sunday

Cathrine Moemedi
SUSPECT: Mangoma is being eyed for murder

Suspected thief beaten to death with a softball bat

Early morning shoppers were in for a grisly surprise on Sunday, arriving at Maun Old Mall to find blood splattered across the walls and corridors.

The blood belonged to one Kedibonye Gakesolofele, who was battered to death with a softball bat in the middle of the night after allegedly being caught trying to break into one of the tuckshops.

The shop’s owner, 36-year-old Kavindama Mangoma has since been arrested in connection with the gruesome murder.

According to sources close to the scene, Mangoma was fast asleep in his small store, guarding his stock, when he was startled by a would-be intruder.

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Furious that someone was trying to rob him, the suspected killer reportedly grabbed a softball bat and repeatability assaulted Gakesolofele.

Court papers state that security officers witnessed the brutal beating but when they attempted to intervene, Mangoma warned them off, saying he had caught a thief and threatening to hit them too if they tried to stop him.

When the beatings finally stopped, Gakesolofele was rushed to Letsholathebe Hospital but was certified dead upon arrival.

Appearing in court this week, the accused applied for bail, explaining he had been hurt but was yet to receive help.

“I have informed the police that I got injured on my arm during the scuffle and nothing has been done to assist me. I want to seek medical attention; I also have minor children whom I am taking care of,” said Mangoma.

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In response, Magistrate Chandapiwa Molefhi noted it was perhaps in the suspect’s best interests for him to be incarcerated as the incident is still extremely raw.

“Issues of bail in matters as serious as this one cannot be entertained now, especially when the investigations are still fresh. It is also for your own safety, therefore your application is dismissed!” ruled Magistrate Molefhi.

The matter has been set for 11 June for Status Update.

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