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BDC seeks partner for Milk Afric

Baitshepi Sekgweng
MILK AFRICA: Latest Developments at Milk Africa Project

After US investors relinquished their equity and left the Milk Afric Project, Botswana Development Corporation (BDC) is currently looking for potential partners for the project.

The Milk Afric project commenced in 2016, however its take off has been dragging for far too long.

Located in the township of Lobatse, the project was conceptualized with the aim to improve the local dairy industry as well as improve milk production and dairy products.

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Without revealing much details, BDC Head of Corporate Affairs & Strategy- Boitshwarelo Lebang-Kgetse, said the corporation was at an advanced stage in its discussions with a prospective technical partner.

“As with any business deal, there is bound to be a difference in management philosophy. Given that, the previous partner has exited the deal in order to pursue other business interests. The corporation is currently in discussions with a potential technical partner who has expressed interest in the project,” said Lebang-Kgetse.

Located in a 1,375 hectares piece of land, the project is earmarked to start with 2,000 herd of cattle, producing at full capacity using a 72-point rotary. With each cow set to produce 20 litres per day, the project is set to yield 20 million litres of milk per annum .

However, that will be like a drop in the ocean since Botswana’s national demand for milk currently stands at 65 million litres per year. Currently, Botswana is able to produce only 7 million litres of milk while more than 53 million litres of the demand is augmented through imports mostly from South Africa.

To date BDC has developed the milking parlour, one cow housing facility, a manure handling facility, a bulk water tank with a capacity of 1 million litres, reticulation which include pressure pumps as well as offices. This has thus far brought BDC’s investment into the project to P57 million .

The dairy industry in Botswana is still at an infancy stage with the national dairy herd estimated at 3704.Therefore the Milk Africa project seeks to make strides to contribute to the growth and diversity of the dairy industry and sector.

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BDC seeks partner for Milk Afric
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