Bailed man back in court for rape

Christinah Motlhabane

Freed on bail after allegedly threatening to kill an ex-girlfriend, a Shashemooke man is back behind bars accused of raping the very same woman.

39-year-old Keabetswe Guluzwa is said to have sexually assaulted the victim at her house on Saturday.

She reported him to the police and he was promptly arrested the same day.

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Hauled before Francistown Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday, it was revealed Guluzwa has several previous brushes with the law.

“The accused has a charge of threat to kill against the same victim. He also has not abided with bail rules that were set against him not committing an offence while on bail. He was once charged with assault common before Shashemooke Customary Court in 2022 and has other pending matters with the DPP. He is suspected of having two counts of rape before Gerald police,” disclosed State Prosecutor, Bosa Sebele.

Given the chance to address court, the suspected rapist complained about being left to rot in the police cells for four days.

“I was taken and thrown in a cell on Saturday but only informed about this rape on Monday. I was closed in without my medication,” Guluzwa grumbled.

However, when the Magistrate ordered he be taken home to collect his medicine, the accused admitted he had managed to get it.

Similarly, when told he would be taken to the clinic to make sure there were no health complications from missing his meds, Guluzwa said this was not necessary as he was feeling much better.

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He will remain on remand for two weeks, returning to court on 11th June.

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