ATI in Police custody, Duma Boko to the rescue

Sharon Mathala

Local rapper Atlasaone Molemogi, popularly known as ATI, spent last night at Urban Police Station holding cells after he was arrested by Central Police Station officers for taking pictures at a prohibited area.

Central Police Station Commander, Mothusi Phadi, confirmed that they are investigating a matter in which the rapper took pictures of the State House.

Phadi told The Voice Online this morning that “According to the law there are protected places which should not be photographed within a certain radius unless one has the go ahead from the Minister. State House is one of those places.”

The station commander further said “Molemogi took pictures of the road that leads to the state house and the State house itself, a place where the head of state resides and this is against the law.”

Asked what charge the ‘Khiring khiring khorong’ rapper may face Phadi could not confirm. “at this stage we just have a holding charge. We are yet to liase with the DPP to come up with a proper charge.”

Meanwhile this morning the President of the Umbrella For Democratic Change (UDC), Duma Boko, and his associate- attorney Boingotlo Toteng, arrived fashionably at the Central Police to “free ATI”.

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The team is currently inside the police station as negotiations continue.

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