Abeco Water Tank’s support ensure water continuity in Botswana


Up to 70% of Botswana is covered by the Kalahari Desert making the climate arid to semi-arid with erratic rainfall resulting in frequent droughts.

They have extremely hot summers and warm winters and climate change is making those temperatures even hotter.

The extreme heat experienced in the country causes high-intensity convectional rainfall sometimes resulting in flash floods.

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The rate of evapotranspiration is three to four times the amount of rainfall in Botswana and that together with the flat terrain of the country results in a lesser amount of groundwater and surface runoff.

The country is extremely dependent on groundwater for its water supply with most rural villages depending on boreholes.

The country is highly susceptible to the erratic climate due to its reliance on rain-fed agriculture, natural resources and high levels of poverty.

The challenges they face are focused on making water available to the population on a daily basis and the increasing population numbers and growing urbanisation.

By 2050 the population is expected to have reached 3,4 million with 84% residing in urban areas.

The only way Botswana will overcome its water scarcity difficulties is with water demand management.

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Successful water demand management involves maximising the existing water supplies, ensuring water continuity, and the efficient use of water.

One of the ways to maximise the existing water supplies and ensure continuity is to install steel water tanks and Abeco Tanks is just the company to do that.

Who is Abeco Tanks?

Abeco Tanks has been installing steel water storage tanks throughout Africa for over 35 years.

Water is Africa’s most important currency.

It is needed to sustain the four pillars of the African continent’s developing economies: agriculture, mining, industry, and business.

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Without a consistent and reliable supply of water, all communities and economies are at risk.

The company was started in 1983 with a vision to solve the problem of water scarcity that they knew would only worsen over time.

Abeco wanted to reduce the negative impact of water scarcity on the continent as a whole.

Today their water tanks are used in a number of sectors including power generation, schools, shopping centres, mining, manufacturing, public buildings such as office blocks & apartment blocks, manufacturing, hospitals and medical clinics.

Abeco manufactures the most cost-effective steel tanks for the hygienic storage of water and don’t compromise on safety, durability and quality.

Their certifications and memberships stand as a testament to this and include ISO9001:2015; SATAS; ASIB and ISF which promises excellence in the supply of specialised engineering and construction solutions.

Abeco Tanks has a 269,000-square-foot factory in Johannesburg and as a South African business, they have taken a decision to only support other businesses in South Africa.

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The Ramos family has built a business with a culture that has resulted in many of their current staff still working for them since the inception of the company in 1983.

Abeco Tanks is proud to be a leading innovator in their industry.

They developed a patented manufacturing process that allows them to build steel water tanks in various sizes and shapes.

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From circular, square, rectangular, U-shaped, L-shaped, and odd-shaped to custom-sized and shaped, powder-coated, bolted and elevated or on the ground tanks.

Their steel tanks are manufactured from quality steel by using the process of cold-pressing steel.

This process is performed using high-yield stress drawing quality steel.

All of the steel components including the steel panels, bolts, nuts and washers are all hot-dipped galvanized ensuring they last for up to 40 or more years.

The steel panels are the standard size of 1220mm x 1220mm; they are packed and because of their size, they are easy to transport to any location.

They are also easy to assemble not needing any large or heavy equipment.

This makes them ideal for remote villages in Botswana.

They can be installed within direct vicinity to the village ensuring that the villagers don’t need to walk far to collect their daily water.

The tanks can also have a number of taps as attachments, reducing the time wasted standing in queues.

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Abeco Tanks has supplied countries across Central America, the African continent and various island in the Indian ocean.

Some of their grateful clients include JP Morgan; Barclays; Chevron; GlaxoSmithKline; Liberty; Nedbank; Anglo American; First National Bank; BP; Sasol and Liberty.

What sets Abeco Tanks apart from the rest?

They are the first steel tank manufacturer to call their tanks water banks as they act as a savings account for hygienic water supply to businesses so that they can continue to function during a water supply interruption.

Their patented precision technology allows them to build water banks of various shapes and sizes in all areas remote and non-remote.

Their certifications and accreditations ensure that their product is of the highest quality and durability.

They have established a reputation for manufacturing and building high-quality steel tanks that stand for up to 40 years with their ever-present availability for excellent customer service and maintenance.

Abeco Tanks is passionate about what they do and enjoy providing a solution that prevents communities and economies from shutting down.

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