Murder suspect arrested for rape

Christinah Motlhabane
SENTENCED: Keganeditse and Morwalela outside court in 2019

Accused of strangling an old lady to death, a brutal murder that sent shockwaves through Area W back in November 2018, Modisakgotla Keganeditse was a free man for just two weeks before landing himself in serious trouble with the law again.

Out on bail, on Christmas Eve 2020, the 29-year-old suspected killer snuck into a woman’s house in Kgaphamadi and raped her.

Found guilty of rape, on Friday he was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment by Francistown Magistrates Court.

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It was heard that Keganeditse gained entry to his 33-year-old victim’s bedroom in unusual circumstances, throwing a puppy through an open window and into the room where the woman was sleeping with her boyfriend.

Startled by the small dog, the boyfriend bolted, fleeing into the night, leaving his lover behind.

It was then that Keganeditse forced his way into the house and pounced on his helpless victim.

In his defence, the rapist insisted he did not do it.

“I did not rape her, I bought her alcohol and she dodged me. I followed her, we slept without having sex. I was wearing a condom masturbating, I did not rape her,” maintained the father-of-one, unsuccessfully trying to convince the court of his innocence.

“He was a wolf with a puppy!” an onlooker was hear commenting in court.

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Stuck in the slammer for at least the next 12 years, the convict will be hoping he lives long enough to serve the entire sentence, as he faces the possible death penalty in his other case.

Keganeditse and his co-accused, Moabi Morwalela, 26, are awaiting trial for the murder of 74-year-old Grace Keakantse.

A much-loved member of the community in Itekeng ward where she lived, the old-age pensioner was killed in an apparent robbery gone wrong.

Stripped half-naked, her body was found by her husband, dumped on their bed.

Since his arrest, Keganeditse has gained a reputation for his unruly manner during court appearances, and always has a swear word or three to hurl at the journalists.

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In May 2021, he reportedly took this hatred of the media to new levels, allegedly assaulting Daily News photographer, Goweditswe Kome, and breaking his camera in the process.

A wolf with a puppy

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