25-year-old love affair ends in tears….. but not marriage!

Wedding dreams turn to dust for childhood sweethearts

A mother-of-six left Molepolole Magistrates Court in tears last week after her ‘breach of promise to marry’ case against her childhood sweetheart was dismissed.

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Nkukwe Gaboitsewe, 43, dragged her baby daddy to court accusing him of wasting her time, failing to put a wedding ring on her finger even though they were together for 25 years.

The Botlhapatlou-native revealed she started dating Eric Mabogo, 42, in 1994 when they were both in their late teens.

The relationship lasted a quarter-of-a-century and bore six children but came to an acrimonious end in May 2019 when marriage discussions fell disastrously apart.

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Demanding to be compensated for her lost years, Gaboitsewe said it would be difficult for her to find another partner because of her age and the number of children she already has.

Seeking a P40, 000 payday, the upset lady told court she once helped Mabogo buy a car, giving him P11, 000 towards the vehicle. She asked to be repaid this as well as a further P29, 000 to cover her wasted decades.

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Court heard that on 27 June 2009, Mabogo’s sent his parents to his then-girlfriend’s family to begin marriage negotiations.

Before the talks could start, however, Gaboitsewe’s parents insisted they be paid ‘damages’, in the form of a single cow, since their daughter had been impregnated out of wedlock.

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Mabogo insists the ‘tlhagalegora’ debt was paid.

He further told court discussions broke down after a misunderstanding between Gaboitsewe and her father, which led to her arrest.

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“She was accused of threat-to-kill but the case was eventually dismissed,” Mabogo later told The Voice.

“Later on Nkukwe came to stay at my place. While still together, in April 2019 she told me that she no longer wanted to stay at my place and moved out of my home. When I informed my parents they told me they were still waiting for feedback for the marriage proposal from her family,” the defendant stated in court.

According to Mabogo, after several unsuccessful enquiries from his parents as to how the negotiations were going, out of the blue he received a letter from the Magistrate Court informing him he had been accused of delaying the marriage.

He further maintains Gaboitsewe’s parents encouraged her to drop but case but she was determined to have her day in court.

Pointing an accusing finger at his long-time former lover, Mabogo added, “I had no choice but to accept her decision that the relationship was over. If I was a bad person I could be the one suing her for wasting my time but I have given up.”

In her ruling, Chief Magistrate, Goabaone Rammapudi said there should be concrete proof there was a contract for marriage and that Mabogo had failed to fulfil the promise.

“I want to believe that the matter is not in dispute that Mabogo wanted to marry and he even took necessary steps to fulfil his promise. He sent his parents to seek for a hand in marriage, at their first visit Gaboitsewe’s family did not welcome them demanding that damages be paid first,” noted Rammapudi before promptly dismissing the matter.

As the ruling concluded, Gaboitsewe swiftly walked out of the court and burst into tears.

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