WBF Championship set for August

Tshepo Kehimile
BLOW JOB: Moabi Ngaka in a previous bout

Local pugilists will have to wait a little longer after a series of historic boxing matches that were scheduled for today (May 21st, 2021) were postponed to August 6th, 2021.

With local sports still on hold, World Boxing Federation (WBF) African Bantamweight Title holder, Onkarabile ‘Scara’ Mothibedi and Moabi ‘The Eagle’ Ngaka will have more time to prepare themselves for the event.

WBF Championship set for August

Local Professional Boxing promoter, Thuso Khubamang, this week told Voice Sport that the events were postponed because of the unreliable curfew times that keep changing because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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“We normally stage our tournaments in the evening from 8pm till late but it was not going to be possible in that regard,” he said.

Khubamang also highlighted that there will be a series of bouts which will include women bouts.

“In our efforts to develop African professional boxing, we have included women bouts and the match will be between two South Africans- Thema Zuma and Simangele Hadebe. Among other supporting bouts will be Kabelo Bagwasi who will be facing Daniel Hlahane, just to mention a few,”said Khubamang.

Speaking to Voice Sport, Mothibedi from Top 10 Stable, said he has long started his preparations despite the limited resources due to suspension of sporting activity.

WBF Championship set for August
THE CHAMP: Onkarabile Mothibedi

“I am keeping fit by running and sometimes I do sparring so that when the day comes I will be ready to defend my title as it is my biggest wish. Moreover, my coach and manager have been so supportive and that gives me a morale boost to keep going,” he said and added: “I have never fought with Ngaka, but I think it is going to be an easy fight for me as I am confident and ready,” said Mothibedi.

Though also optimistic ahead of the fight, Ngaka preferred to be modest with his expectations.

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“My training has been good so far. We are collectively getting ready with my coaches to ensure that I emerge victorious. However, it is the first time I compete for this title and it is going to be difficult as I am a boxer who does not want to underestimate his opponents because anything can happen in the ring,” he said.

According to Ngaka, the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak is going to play a pivotal role in deciding the game as far as preparations are concerned.

“It has not been easy to prepare under these strict Covid-19 restrictions but that is not an excuse as we are both going through the same experience. This postponement will give us more time to sharpen and give fans the best fight,” said Ngaka.

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