Wake up Slumber and show them


I think it’s time for our Vice President (VP), Slumber Tsogwane to up his game and stamp his authority.

Although the VP has a famously small body structure, he must do something that makes him visible to all.

Maybe he could beef up his security and have an entourage of bodyguards to attract some attention.

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Shaya was amongst the multitudes who attended Qatar Airway’s maiden landing at Sir Seretse Khama Airport on Sunday.

However, the landing did not grab Shaya’s attention too much as there was no water canon salute.

However, Tsogwane more than made up for that.

The VP marched with a smile to get a close-up view of what the plane looked like and get a feeling of the inside but was stopped in his tracks.

It appears the flight crew didn’t know who he was and wouldn’t let a stranger in their bird! So next time VP, bring that entourage!

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