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Violent Marina doctor locked up

Sharon Mathala
CHAOTIC: Scenes at the ward INSET: The doctor was arrested

Business came to a standstill this morning at Princess Marina Hospital’s female surgical ward where an enraged doctor violently went on the rampage threatening some patients and nurses with a knife.

The Voice Online is reliably informed that the doctor in question works at the dental clinic in Marina.

A highly placed source also hinted that the incident happened following a Christmas party that was hosted at the dental clinic last night and the doctor in question was locked up inside the premises when the party ended.

“When he woke up his morning he broke the door of the dental clinic and in his state, went to the female surgical ward and threatened one of the on duty nurses in full view of the patients with a knife,” said the source.

The Voice Online can further confirm that the man has since been taken to the Central Police Station (CPS) where he is being held.

CPS Station Commander, Mothusi Phadi, Confirmed the incident. “We received the report at around 9 am this morning where one of the doctors at Princess Marina hospital at dental clinic was allegedly locked inside the premises after a party hosted at the hospital. When he woke up today, he broke the doors, and a fight ensued between him and some of the staff.”

The Station Commander further confirmed that the doctor is currently in police custody after it was discovered that he further threatened one of the female on-duty nurses with a sharp equipment.