V-herbal steaming poses health risk

Refilwe Motube
TRENDING: Yoni herbs


Vaginal steaming is an old natural remedy to cleanse the vagina and the uterus.

The practice has of late surged in popularity with some turning it into a booming business with the sale of an herb called Yoni and steaming bowls.

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However Botswana Medicine Regulatory Authority (BOMRA) has warned against the dangers of vaginal steaming and the use of Yoni.

Commenting on the herb that is rising in popularity as many sell it on social media, (BOMRA Public Relations Officer) Itumeleng Ledimo said Yoni is not on their tested and approved list of medicines.

“It is not BOMRA registered. We cannot assure anyone if it’s safe to use hence its better to resort to medical practitioners for treatment, ” Ledimo warned.

Another medical expert, a nurse at Princess Marina Hospital Kabelo Legopelo also discouraged vaginal steaming.

Legopelo said, “As health officials we do not encourage women to steam because it creates a conducive environment for a build up of bacteria and fungi to thrive hence encouraging yeast infections. Steaming also disturbs the natural phenomena of the vaginal area which changes its natural Potential of Hydrogen (PH) level, so we do not encourage steaming at all.”

Meanwhile some women using the herb have testified of its healing and cleansing of their feminine parts.

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Some even claimed to have been healed of sicknesses such as endometriosis and period pains.

“The product is made up of pure herbs and plants that have healing properties. We do not hide anything from our clients. We get these herbs from abroad but I cannot mention the exact place, as I want to protect the confidentiality of our source. With our product we have received a lot of testimonies from different women. Mentioning that fibroids degenerate, period pains come to a stop, cysts disappear, barrenness is cured’ and happier sex life is achieved,” said the Yoni sales person who asked not to be named.

As the demand for Yoni rises, curiosity has also set in as more and more potential clients want to know what the product is made of and if its healthy to use.

A woman who sells the herb on social media said, “The product contents consist of a mixture of different herbs and plants, ranging for basil, rosemary, oregano, calendula just to mention a few. We normally sell a pack for P250. It does not only offer herbs it also sells steaming bowls as there are specific bowls to use as well as Yoni Tea to boost one’s immune system.”

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