Trial date for suspected killer husband

Portia Mlilo
CHARGED: Legwale

Judge Michael Leburu has set trial date for a murder case in which Ernest Legwale allegedly hired two hitmen to kill his wife and they mistakenly killed her younger sister.

The second accused person, Hamadi Mkhuha’s lawyer Neo Moyo, said she had not had the chance to meet her client before going to court.

She said she needed a letter from court that allows her to see Mkhula in prison and an interpreter.

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Judge Leburu said the matter has been dragging for too long and ordered that the case be heard from the 6th to the 10th July 2020.

He also ordered Legwale to continue waiting for trial on bail while Mkhula’s remand was extended.

The two will be back in court on the 23rd of March for status update.

Legwale is suspected to have hired two hitmen, Zwichanaka Dabie and Mkhula to kill his wife Dimpho Meswele in 2015 at Oodi Village.

Dimpho and Legwale were in the process of divorce.

The organised hit is said to have gone wrong as the two men killed Thato Meswele, a look-alike sister to Legwale’s wife.

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Previously 47-year-old Zimbabwean national Mkhula confessed to the murder, admitting that Legwale paid him and Dabie to kill his wife.

He claimed he was paid more than P20 000 and also given a BMW car and that the other hit man, Dabie was paid more than P15 000.

Mkhula is facing another charge of entering the country at an ungazetted point.

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