Thieves capitalise on Covid-19 quarantines

Portia Mlilo

Old Naledi Police are investigating cases in which thieves are breaking into houses of people who are under Covid-19 quarantine.

According to the police, thieves are aware that the houses are unoccupied because ambulances pick the victims during contact tracing in full view of the public.

In the cases that are under investigations, the police were notified by neighbours who saw the doors to houses of the victims left ajar.

Speaking to The Voice Online, Officer-In-Charge, Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Thalinah Mogaga confirmed that they have such incidents in their policing areas.

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She said currently it is difficult to open cases because the victims are unable to write statements as they are under quarantine.

“We are still waiting for the victims to come home so that they can be able to check and see what is missing. For now we do telephone interviews to notify them of the situation and they tell us the valuables they have at their houses. So far by last weekend only four incidents had been recorded. This is even riskier for the culprits because they go into houses that are not disinfected. They steal things like gas cylinders and clothes. We cannot tell the value of stolen goods until we register victims’ statements. We appeal to the community to be always on the lookout and report if they notice anything suspicious,” said Mogaga

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