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The Voice echoes to Palla Road

Tshupo Matontshe
AT WORK: Groundbreaking for construction of a house in Palla Road

In the publication’s Corporate Social Responsibility service, The Voice team followed the sunrise to the residence of Motsawana Mothale, 75, in Pallaroad.

In a partnership with Born And Raised Music Festival as well as Mahalapye, Matsosa Social Club, The Voice started the project in a colourful groundbreaking construction ritual.

The Managing Director, Gomolemo Marc Kasale commended Born And Raised for their tremendous role in assisting small businesses around the festival.

Kasale also praised both Matsosa Social Club and Born And Raised for their role in community development.

He said, “As The Voice, our core business is news – to inform the nation – but at the same time we have a responsibility to help those around us. We are not always seeking that they help with buying the paper, but also helping them in any way we can. We’ll be pleased to see her children visiting her in a proper home… Let us work together.”

Mothale lives on a poultry farm in Morwa with her daughter, Nametso Mothale who took her in when she learnt of her mother’s ailing state.

Motsawana has 9 children in total, 3 daughters and 6 sons, none of who–care for her except Nametso.

“Nametso is the only active one as you see her. I wish I knew why they never come to see their mother because they’re all over the country. But a certain prophet told me that my children are under some dark spell, that’s why they haven’t set foot here for that long,” the old woman lamented.

The village chief, Moses Mpaesele referred to the Bible and the-just-passed Vision 2016 pillars to urge the syndicate to do more community work.

“This shows we are going somewhere. People may talk negatively that those who give have more than others, just accept that it may be so, but you don’t discard the excess – you give out. This is so whoever receives may also give someday. It is said that the hand that gives is more blessed than the hand that receives.”

Motsawana was identified through a member of Matsosa Social Club “Our partnership with The Voice came during the time when the paper was celebrating 25 years of existence. We first started installing a tap in this home because the old woman had to walk a long distance to fetch water, but our very first act of service was in Bonwapitse in the early 2000’s.” Joseph Sandy Sola, the treasurer explained in an interview.

Born And Raised also has a mandate of community development. According to the director Molatedi Kgotla their work is focused in the Central District.

Motsawana told the gathering that she thanked God that He answered her prayers. I am truly grateful for that,” she said

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