The mystery of ATI

Sharon Mathala

Singer’s spiritual journey gets people guessing

It is often difficult to know what local rapper and one of the greatest performers in the country, ATI, is up to. One thing is certain, however: life is never dull when the singer is around.

Although the charismatic 29-year-old artist has shied away from talking to the media recently, Voice Entertainment’s SHARON MATHALA looks at the transition seemingly taking place in his life.

ATI – born Atlasaone Molemogi – is increasingly focusing on his faith, as evidenced by his constant social media rants.

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It remains to be seen whether this spiritual passion will have an impact on ATI’s upcoming album.

Judging from his latest single, ‘Weapon of Love’ – released earlier this month – in which he speaks of his newly found faith in God, it is likely to feature heavily.

However, it would be unwise to second-guess the enigmatic singer.

Speaking to Voice Entertainment, a source from inside ATI’s close-knit circle stressed that the ‘Khiring Khorong’ hit-maker’s spiritual conviction was nothing new.

“He has always been spiritual, it is just maybe he has not been expressing it publicly. His lyrics over the years if you noticed were more in touch with what was happening around him and to him.

“The date for his new album has not been finalised but he is definitely working on something. I cannot pre-empt what the music will sound like – he is quite spontaneous, as you have come to know!”

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The Serowe-born rapper hit the headlines last year when he checked into a South African rehab centre for drug addiction.

Whilst he later admitted the addiction, ATI has never gone into detail about which drug he was taking or indeed whether he is rehabilitated.

The episode caused many to write him off, only for ATI to resurface stronger than ever. But will his past hang a cloud over the creative rapper?

When ATI first broke onto the local music scene in 2010, he was labelled a Satanist by many who did not understand his craft.

Undeterred and confident in his ability, ATI defied the odds and his music career blossomed, converting those who had originally dismissed him into hardcore fans.

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Those who have worked closely with him, describe him as a guy who is ahead of his time.

“The Botswana market is just not ready for ATI. ATI is mad talented and I just wish he could blossom elsewhere and spread his wings,” is the common consensus from many in the industry.

ATI’s black teardrop, painted under his left eye, has been the cause of much speculation in the past.

In a previous interview with Voice Entertainment, the singer explained, “I only have the black tear drop when I perform sad songs. You should note that when I am being featured on a song I never have the tear drop.”

In America, controversial rapper Kanye West has gone full force on his newly found faith, releasing two albums dubbed ‘Jesus is King’.

The mystery of ATI
BORN AGAIN: Kanye West performing at his Sunday Service show

Many pundits poured scorn on his new path but Kanye West has gone on to sell millions of copies and continues to rake in more.

Having changed his signature signing off to now say, “It is not all about me, it is all about God and people,” could the local lad follow suit?

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Whatever happens it’s sure to be explosive and equally entertaining!

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