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The generosity of MPs

Kabelo Adamson

Cabinet Ministers donate 10 percent of salaries to Coronavirus fight

A week after Members of Parliament (MP) received a 10 percent salary increase to be used as travel allowance, members of the cabinet have announced they will donate 10 percent of their wages towards the government’s fight against Covid-19. The pledge is valid for the next six months and works out as P167, 407.20 a month.
Following the announcement, The Voice took to the streets to gauge the public’s mood over this unexpected news.

Daniel Onalenna, 30
I don’t think there is a problem with the 10 percent donation because it is something. It will make a difference. They have tried and we give them credit for that. Even us common people, we will contribute something to the Fund as time goes on.

It’s a good move. All the nations have been doing that so it would be unfortunate if our leaders were not leading by example. Even where I work, management has taken a decision to cut salaries of the executive team so that the business does not collapse during this period and also to make sure everyone’s job is kept safe.
In South Africa, national leaders have taken the same initiative, as they have in many other countries. Even private companies have done the same, so I think cabinet has made a wise decision.

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Atlarelang Selema, 64
It is befitting that they should donate because they earn a lot and I am unapologetic about it. We could also be donating but we earn nothing, it is as simple as that! We earn nothing and there is nowhere we can get the money to donate to the fund to fight the virus, much as we would love to. Us, the poor, why should we be looked at with suspicion because government knows we earn peanuts and there is nothing that government can do, even if we tell them we are not being paid well.
Government should also consider re-opening churches so that they can pray for this pandemic. Churches can operate on sessions, with a limited number of people coming at a time because spending time indoors is not a solution.

Anonymous, Civil Servant
It has been said that whoever is able donate should do and as such I believe cabinet is leading by example which is quite commendable. I don’t know their salaries but I think 10 percent is enough because at the end of the day it’s their salaries and therefore they are not forced to donate. Even 10 percent is what the bible says should be given as tithes.

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