Teen couple found hanging

Gofaone Koogotsitse
LATE: Setso Sentsima

Tragedy struck on Sunday when the lifeless bodies of an 18-year-old young man and his 17-year-old girlfriend were discovered hanging from a Motlopi tree in Mmanotshi lands near Ditshegwane village, Kweneng District.

Detective Superintendent Andrew Koitsiwe of the District Criminal Investigation Department (CID) confirmed that they are treating the incident as a murder-suicide and are actively investigating the circumstances.

“I can only confirm that the two were found hanging from a tree; it is suspected that the young man might have strangled the girlfriend and hanged her before he committed suicide. Only the investigations can reveal, as we are still waiting for the report of the post-mortem conducted today (Wednesday),” stated Detective Koitsiwe.

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The boyfriend, Ezekiel Bostol, who recently moved from Makopong village to reside with his grandfather in Ditshegwane, met Setso Sentsima, and they began their love relationship in January.

Reports suggest that a day before the tragic incident, the couple had a disagreement leading to a fight, and they were last seen at a local bar.

The bodies were discovered by Bostol’s relative, who arrived from Gaborone on that fateful morning.

Upon noticing shoe marks for two people around the house and finding no one inside, he traced them to the bush, where the heartbreaking scene unfolded with the two found hanging from the same tree.

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