Task-Force not up to task- Dibeela

Daniel Chida

Vice President of Botswana National Front, Prince Dibeela, has not taken the latest lockdown very well saying it has proved that there is a vacuum in the country’s highest office.

Speaking in his personal capacity, Dibeela said that on many occasions they have been calling for President Mokgweetsi Masisi to be inclusive in the fight and management of the COVID 19 crisis. “His task force team has excluded opposition parties and we are not even sure how civil society is represented. This crisis should have been an opportunity to build collectivism and put aside our polarity.”

Dibeela said that the opposition has pleaded to no avail to be included in the thinking, planning and execution of strategies to fight against this pandemic. “Interestingly the very person who is supposedly the captain of the ship has been quarantined three times since the pandemic and clearly this has demonstrated a lack of leadership and seriousness on the part of the President.”

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He said that leaders demonstrate by their actions what they expect those they lead to do.

The man who will be challenging BNF President, Duma Boko, for party presidency warned that if the nation is not careful, 2020 is going to be a wasted year not because of the Covid-19 pandemic, but because of poor political leadership and gimmicks.

The latest lockdown started on Friday midnight until Monday midnight following 16 probable cases of COVID 19.

Yesterday it was announced that 10 of the cases have since tested negative.

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