Son charged with killing mother’s boyfriend in a domestic dispute


A 22 year old man of Samochima settlement, near Shakawe village in the North West District, is facing murder charges after killing his mother’s boyfriend during a fight.

Officer Commanding for police District 5, Peter Gochela, confirmed that the man was allegedly trying to stop the 32-year-old man from assaulting his 37-year-old mother.

“From the report, the couple; the accused person’s mother and her boyfriend had a misunderstanding and fought. The woman’s son then tried to help her mother and pushed the other man who fell to his death,” explained Gochela.

Gochela explained that when the man was pushed, he hit a log which was lying nearby and a protruding sharp stump pierced into his head.

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“He is currently in police custody and charged with murder,” Gochela added.

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