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Sodomised and stoned to death

Sharon Mathala
DECEASED: Moabi Mokenke

*Alleged same-sex love-triangle ends in grisly murder

*Neighbours recount bloody scenes

Gory details of violence and bloodshed were the talk of the town in Lobatse last week as neighbours and eyewitnesses recounted Moabi Mokenke’s ghastly last moments.

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His alleged killers, Gaone Motsumi (21) and Karabo Thekiso (25) appeared in shackles before a Lobatse magistrates court under the knowing glares of incensed members of the public who recounted in hushed tones, the harrowing tale of Mokenke’s death.

The 29-year-old Mokenke was last seen naked and gasping for breath as he tried to crawl to his mother’s house just a stone’s throw away from his rented house, only for his assailants to catch up with him and stone him to death.

The two men had allegedly been in a same-sex relationship with Mokenke and neighbours suspect the love triangle may have spriralled into an acrimonious affair that led to the bloody violence.

A neighbour who witnessed the horrifying incident says he was awoken by screams for help at around 3am and that when he peeped outside he saw Mokenke begging the two youthful men to spare his life.

“At first I thought it was a girl being attacked by two boys. When I peeped outside I saw them throwing stones at another boy. He was naked. He was bleeding profusely,” said the eye witness who did not want to be named for fear of reprisals.

“They were throwing stones at him, at one point he fell down and I saw the other one lifting a very big stone to hit him, possibly on the head, but I didn’t look. I couldn’t, it was a sorry sight,” he added.

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Another eye witness further told The Voice that at one point it looked like Mokenke had fainted when his attackers poured him with a bucket full of water they had found nearby.

“I don’t know what that boy had done to them. I could identify the other guy because he doesn’t live very far from here but I couldn’t identify the other guy. That young boy died a brutal death,” he recounted.

As neighbors continued to narrate the gut-wrenching details of her son’s ordeal, and the reality of his painful death sinking in, Mokenke’s mother- MmaMoabi, burst into tears. Her son was brutally murdered by people she had thought were his friends.

He took his last breath right at her doorstep.

Annah Modiakgotla (69) the deceased’s landlord says she woke up early on the day to find Mokenke’s room wide open and completely trashed.

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LANDLADY: Annah Modiakgotla

She tell The Voice as she walked around the yard she noticed some of Mokenke’s belongings scattered around the yard and picked up the shorts she had seen him wearing by the gate.

By Tuesday this week, the aggrieved mother was yet to see her murdered son’s body and she was still too devastated comment on her loss.

The gruesome incident was also confirmed by Officer Commanding (OC) Paul Molapisi.

He however could not confirm if the deceased was indeed raped, as alleged, noting that Mokenke’s body had been taken for post-mortem to determine other factors including that of rape.

Molapisi further noted that the deceased’s body was found by the police in a bad state.

The accused will appear before court on November 5th for mention.

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