Revellers show Rakgare, Healy dust

Healy-&-Rakgare (L-R)

Shaya was one of the many that attended the weekend do.

Obviously I was not at the VIP section I was amongst the hoi-polloi where the fun normally is.

Whilst I missed the porn that has seemingly been exposed on social media, I was amongst those who booed the Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture Development Tumiso Rakgare and his BDP fellow with a mohawk, Tumisang Healy.

The two BDP leaders walked on stage with the intention to have a word or two with us, but they were literally met and embarrassed with booes from the crowd.

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Some, not Shaya though showed the two men the fingers in the air, now I am sure it is not a personal attack on the brothers but I know for sure the frustration was towards their party allegiance.

The youth are fed up, this is a sign.

Dj Tips never received such a negative reception.

Shay would like to leave you with this word, Introspect gentlemen!

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