Public still sneaking out for homebrew


Homebrews are being illicitly sold around Maun area since the government forced closure of liquor outlets in the country two weeks ago.

The forced closure was effected as a way of curbing the spread of coronavirus.

However in Maun area, homebrews are still finding a way into its market and being bought.

Botswana Police Services’ Commanding Officer for Maun policing district; Peter Gochela has confirmed, “from Gumare, Shakawe, Maun and all other villages homebrews are being consumed. Since lockdown the police arrest at least four homebrewers everyday.”

Gochela was raising this as a public health concern as consumers continue to sneak liquor into their homes. “Some people are seemingly not understanding the gravity of this world pandemic and it is worrisome,” he said.

When arrested, the brewers are often fine. “If they don’t pay the fine,.then they have to be taken to court,” Gochela added.

Botswana government banned alcohol sale last month as a way of minimizing public movement and promoting social distancing.

A six-months long State of Emergency was declared this week against the backdrop of 13 confirmed COVID-19 cases which included one death.

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