Promoting a natural glow

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Simple skincare with stunning results

Tebogo Mkhiza is the founder of Divas Glow Skincare, a mobile beauty studio which specialises in organic skincare products handmade from essential oils, herbs and spices.

A beauty therapist by profession, the 34-year-old says her all natural, high-quality ingredients aid the skin’s healing process.

“The products also help fight other skin conditions such as acne, eczema, pimples, dark spots, maskne, sunburn and oily dry skin,” adds the married mother-of-two, whose glowing skin is the perfect advertisement for her business.

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Mkhiza explains natural soaps are particularly good for the skin because they do not contain synthetic ingredients or artificial fragrances.

“They also don’t have artificial colours, detergents and synthetic preservatives,” she tells Voice Money, adding coming up with such a product requires extensive research and rigorous testing.

“You then have to find a niche and invest in the brand. It is also very important to build trust with your customers through transparency and by availing information,” advices Mkhiza, whose passion for ‘beautiful, healthy skin’ inspired her to go full force into the skincare business.

Promoting a natural glow
ALL NATURAL: Moringa Serum(L),TIME TO SCRUB UP: Turmeric Scrub(M),GREEN APPEAL: Turmeric and Kojic brightening bodywash(R)

The Francistown native, whose business originally sprouted in Monarch Industrial, has since relocated to Gaborone, where she operates her Divas Glow Skincare. Some of their services include: makeup, facial, massage, makeup classes and wig installation.

“I’m a professional beauty therapist and in my everyday interactions with my clients I realised that many of them were suffering from skin problems such as pigmentation, dark spots and pimples and applied heavy makeup to hide their conditions. I then decided to provide a solution, and these are beauty products handcrafted by myself,” she states with a smile.

Mkhiza currently sources her raw materials from South Africa and Zambia, ruefully admitting this is becoming increasingly costly. To ease this financial strain, she is exploring the possibility of funding but remains supremely confident that she can cash in big time and make a real name for herself in the industry.

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“Besides the well established big brands found in the big retail shops, there isn’t much competition. I believe with consistency and robust social media marketing I can grow my market base, and give established brands a good run for their money,” she states without even a hint of complacency.

Divas Glow Skincare’s standout products include: Moringa and Turmeric serums and clay masks, Turmeric glow scrub and Divas black soap.

“I’m so confident in these products, and believe that in the next five years I’ll be supplying big retail stores such as Clicks and Dischem,” concludes the driven young entrepreneur emphatically.

To learn more about Mkhiza’s skincare products, follow Divas Glow Skincare’s Facebook and Instagram platforms.

Promoting a natural glow


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