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Quickie with nurse gets prisoner lengthy repercussions


A man suspected of murder has accused ‘jealous’ prison wardens of a two-year reign of abuse after they busted him having sex with a nurse during a visit to the clinic.

Appearing before Maun High Court last Friday, 32-year-old Onkemetse Baseki claimed to have been beaten up on several occasions by his jailers.

Baseki further maintained he is subjected to daily injections of mental health medication even though he has never undergone psychiatric evaluation.

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“I want them to stop making me take the medication because I am not sick,” pleaded the man suspected of killing his girlfriend nine years ago.

Currently under the care of Serowe prisons, Baseki claimed his ill-treatment at the hands – and feet – of his tormentors started in 2018 when he was incarcerated at Selebi Phikwe Prison.

He told court that his problems started after he was rumbled in the middle of a steamy sex session in the consultation room with a nurse – who happened to be his girlfriend at the time!

Explaining how he ended up at the clinic in the first place, Baseki said he had been beaten up by police officers shortly after his arrest in 2018.

The accused killer had been out on bail but saw his freedom revoked for violating his bail conditions.

According to Baseki, as luck would have it, on one of his trips to the clinic he found his girlfriend on duty and took the opportunity to enjoy what was supposed to be a quick romp.

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However, lost in the moment, the ‘quickie’ took longer than anticipated.

The wardens reportedly became worried when Baseki took abnormally long in the consultation room and they opened the door to investigate the delay, only to find the two in action.

“The woman in question is my girlfriend. The officers caught us having sex, but we did it in secret,” he told court, adding that the furious officials immediately pounced on him and beat him up.

Baseki claimed the officers were especially angry as the nurse was also dating a police officer at the time.

He further stated the officers tried to coerce the nurse to lodge a rape case against him but she refused.

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“They beat me up and said what I did was an indication that I was sick,” he continued, alleging that since then he was forced to take mental stabilizer tablets and when he refused he would be injected by force.

In response, court ordered the prison warders to stop forcefully giving Baseki the medication and advised that he be taken to a health center for medical care and evaluation instead.

Meanwhile, judgment on the murder case has been set for the 15th February 2021.

Baseki is accused of brutally battering his then 25-year-old girlfriend, Mpho Keiponye, to death after she ended their affair.

He is said to have crushed the woman’s skull with a metal rod in full view of about eight witnesses in Moletemane village in the Central District.

Representing Baseki in the case is Lesego Phoi of Phoi Attorneys in Maun.

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