President turns down ATI

Sharon Mathala
TURNS DOWN RAPPER: President Masisi

Press secretary directs rapper to minister Rakgare

Botswana’s finest rapper, Atlasaone Molemogi popularly known as ATI has had his hopes of meeting the first citizen, President Mokgweetsi Masisi dashed as the president directed him to meet with the minister of youth instead.

After weeks of stating his desire to meet the president on various media interviews, the Press Secretary to the President, Batlhalefi Leagajang this week shattered ATI’s dream in a short response.

When The Voice reached out to Leagajang to find out Masisi’s response to ATI’s request he replied, “Please be advised that his Excellency’s office has not received any correspondence from the said artist.”

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Leagajang however directed ATI to seek an audience with the Minister of Youth, Sport and Culture Development (MYSC) minister, Tumiso ‘Chilliboy’ Rakgare instead.

President turns down ATI

“Since you mention that the person you are inquiring about is an artist it may be prudent that you advise them to seek an audience with the Ministry of Youth, Development, Sport, and Culture (MYSC),” Leagajang further noted.

However, the “Khiring Khorong hitmaker has not clearly articulated his reasons for seeking a meeting with the president.

The rapper has also intimated at plans to form his own political party and threatened to visit the statehouse uninvited.

“Mokgweetsi E. K. Masisi, I’m coming there. If you kill me, I want everyone who thinks what you are doing is right to learn to live with my ghost (I will not be Casper the friendly ghost) (sic),” reads one of his social media rants.

Efforts to get ATI to explain himself proved difficult. In a short telephonic interview, the man with the trademark black teardrop could only answer one of The Voice’s questions.

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Asked if he has been able to register his political organization he said, “I have been delayed by this lockdown. As soon as I am able to I am going to register the political party.”

Meanwhile, it remains to be seen whether ATI’s political party named, ‘Batho Bame Resolve Party,” will actually be formed let along with tackle off.

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