Partners in crime

Refilwe Motube
FILE PIC: Confiscated drugs in police custody


Botswana Police are investigating a case in which a 35-year-old woman and her fiancée were caught in possession of illegal drugs.

Lebogang Daphney Mogodu of Old Naledi and her fiancée who is currently on the run were caught during a search of their house.

According to the investigating officer Superintendent Petrus Nkgetse, the search yielded three brown wrappings containing, “substances suspected to be illegal drugs.”

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“Two wrappings of what is suspected to be dagga and one small brown wrapping containing some white substance suspected to be methcarhione were found in their bathroom”, said Nkgetse.

Nkgetse stated the quantities of the substances as 600 grams of dagga and 80 grams of meth.

“Currently, particulars of the fiancée are unknown as he fled his house to an unknown destination. Furthermore, the lady is still in custody of police while investigations are still ongoing to verify if the substances are what is suspected to be”, Superintendent Nkgetse further explained.

The concerned cop went on to express his worry about the continued abuse of drugs.

“In 2021, 1332 cases of drugs were recorded, and out this number 90 of them were meth, 10 cocaine while the rest are various kinds or illegal drugs. January 2022 to date 12 cases have already been registered, 2 of which is cocaine, 1 of ephedrine while the rest are cases of methcarhione”, said the investigator.

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