Painting ghetto pink

Kitso Ramono
PINK PREPARATIONS: The singer is ready to rock Ghetto

Sean Pink to launch ‘Ke Wame’ in F/town

Last year, a Form Five teenage lad, Sean Tawana, 19, AKA Sean Pink took over TikTok after uploading a snippet of his current track, ‘Ke Wame’, a love ballad about a boy crooning about his girlfriend, whom he adores.

Youth around the country vibed and resonated with the lyrics, causing it to go viral across BW and even across borders, where it was played on radio stations, cars, and nightclubs.

Since its release in December, the song has received 659, 600 views on TikTok and 47, 000 views on YouTube.

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The Francistown-born artist now plans to launch his song at Thapama Pleasure Island on March 2nd, at a gig dubbed ‘The Pink Fest’.

Despite receiving bookings from Gaborone, the young kid explained he decided to release the single in the Ghetto because of the love the fans have shown him in the second city.

“I once performed at the Toropo Ya Muka and Goledzwa Music Festivals, and the folks in F/town genuinely rocked with me; I felt genuine love. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s where everything started, but the stats on TikTok show that F/town has the most people streaming my song, followed by Gabs,” Tawana stated, adding the song’s success inspired him to do something new, something he feels most artists are afraid of: launching their singles.

“I want to see if the song is really big,” he says.

The show’s lineup features artists that are solely known on the internet, as well as others who have taken a vacation from the industry and are attempting to re-establish themselves.

Painting ghetto pink
SMASH HIT: Ke Wame single launch

Those that will take the mic on the night include: Way Kay, Motlha, Dintle on The Track, Jackalas, Swagg Kids, Thato Tladi, and many other young artists.

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“Fans should expect something different from events that they have been attending, because the young ones are bringing something different. We have created our own genre called Basekulu, if you listened to Ke Wame you will get a clue of what it sounds like.”

Tickets are priced at P80 early bird and P100 at the gate.

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