P720 000 demand for son’s death


Mother sues police for boy, 10

The family of 10- year old Desmond Mosinyi who was tragically gunned down by a Botswana police officer in Tati Siding last year, is suing government for P720 000 for the gruesome and untimely demise of their son.

According to court papers the late boy’s mother Mmapula Mosinyi is demanding the Attorney General to compensate her for wrongfully killing her son.

The Standard Four primary school pupil met his demise when a police officer Amos Molemisi Ikalafeng while in the course of duty, decided to pass by Thomas Mosinyi’s home to greet.
It was during Ikalafeng’s unannounced visit that his firearm discharged by mistake and released a bullet, which tore through the body of young Desmond.

The fatal shooting occurred in full view of the boy’s grandfather who is yet to recover from the trauma. The old man is demanding P250 000 for emotional shock, P100 000 for future medical expenses, since he is still undergoing treatment.

Meanwhile, the deceased’s mother is claiming P20 00 for funeral expenses, P250 000 as compensation for emotional shock and additional P100 000 for future medical bills. She also wants government to cover for all legal costs.

The state, which is represented by the Attorney General, has vehemently denied liability of the shooting and has pleaded with the court to dismiss the legal suit on the basis that the shooting happened outside Ikalafeng’s scope of duty.

The matter is before Judge Ookeditse Maphakwane.

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