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OTC celebrates excellence in engineering education

Kabelo Dipholo

Founded in 1974, Orapa Technical College (OTC) stands as a testament to success and forward-looking investment, leaving a positive impact not only in the mining sector but also in various other industries.

Having started with just six graduates in 1978, OTC has grown into a powerhouse, producing over 1,400 skilled artisans.

It stands as one of the leading engineering schools of excellence, celebrated for its commitment to developing top-tier talent.

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On November 14th, OTC hosted a graduation ceremony honoring 20 outstanding students in fields such as Heavy Plant Mechanics, Maintenance Fitting and Machining, Welding and Fabrication, as well as Electrical and Auto Mechanics.

Under the theme “Transforming minds through purpose-driven and self-sustaining skills: The path towards a better future,” eight students from Maintenance Industrial Electricians, five Maintenance Fitters, five Heavy Plant Mechanics, and two Fabrication and Welders received their well-deserved diplomas.

Mogakolodi Maoketsa, General Manager of Orapa, Letlhakane, and Damtshaa Mine (OLDM), commended OTC for consistently producing skilled personnel for the mining industry and beyond since 1974.

He highlighted the collaborative effort between the college and other stakeholders in providing quality education.

Maoketsa emphasized OTC’s status as a registered Education and Training Provider, dedicated to meeting all regulatory requirements.

The college is ISO 9001/2015 certified, ensuring that its educational offerings adhere to international standards.

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Over the past decade, OTC has maintained a remarkable 100% pass rate across all trades, demonstrating its commitment to excellence. “The College has produced people who progressed to greater heights in their career paths, Engineers and Managers just to mention but a few, that’s a true indication of personal transformation in the field of work,” Maoketsa said, further illustrating the college’s role in personal transformation in the workforce.

Lefoko Sethoko, Senior Engineering Manager, commended OTC for discovering and nurturing exceptional human capital.

He emphasized the importance of passion and diligence in the mining industry, urging graduates to prioritize safety and uphold a strong work ethic as they embark on their professional journeys. “Mining is a path that has to be traversed with passion and diligence. Safety remains key, graduation is no licence to short cuts, graduation does not mean change of work attitude from good to bad,” said Sethoko, further urging the graduands to look into fostering new ways of doing work as they go out into the industry.


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