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Kitso Ramono
ROBBED AT GUN POINT: Borolong Shell filling station

Cops searching for Borolong Shell gunmen

Ten days after two gunmen raided Shell petrol station in Borolong, making away with P12, 000 in the terrifying late-night heist, the cops remain clueless as to who the culprits might be.

The armed bandits struck last Monday shortly after midnight, with Tatitown Police getting the call at around 4am, according to Acting Station Commander, ASP Jaloni Somolekae.

“The incident is reported to have occurred between 2 and 4 am. Fortunately no one was seriously hurt, although the security guard was roughed up by the two thieves. He was treated and discharged the same day at the clinic,” said Somolekae.

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After beating the unfortunate guard into submission, the thieves forced their way into the store.

“The filling station shop was closed at the time of the robbery; three workers – two petrol attendants and a teller – were locked inside the shop. The robbers broke down the door and managed to get access inside,” continued the police boss.

Upon entering the shop, the robbers ordered everyone to lie, face down on the floor before instructing one of the employees to open the safe.

“They helped themselves to all of the money in the safe and fled the scene,” said Somolekae, adding that while the boys in blue are yet to make any headway in the case, they are confident of eventually catching-up with the crooks.

Meanwhile, the security guard who suffered a beating on the night, Joel Alfred, revealed the robbers threatened to kill them if they did not cooperate.

“We ended up doing whatever they told us to do,” admitted Alfred, adding he has suffered from nightmares since having a gun brandished in his face.

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He further told The Voice he has come in for criticism at work for failing to press the alarm.

“The owner became enraged with me after receiving the report, questioning why I did not press the panic button while I feared for my life. Money can be recovered, but life can only be lived once,” he concluded with a shrug.

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