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Sinqobile Tessa
A TRUE REFLECTION (cartoon by Tony Namate)

Zimbabwe celebrated 41 years of Independence on Sunday, and as always people reflected on the day and if it was really worth celebrating.

As expected, there were two sides to the day.

There were many who felt there was nothing worth writing home about considering the majority of Zimbos are finding the going extremely tough.

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Conversely, there was, as always, the ‘praise singers’ as they are often called, the ones who turn a blind eye to the suffering of masses.

Of course, I guess we are all grateful for the peace prevailing in the country but surely Zimbabweans deserve better than what the majority are going through.

What is independence when the masses cannot afford basic health care?

What is independence when people have to be in a bank queue as early as 4am so that they can withdraw just a fraction of their money?

How can people celebrate when they are not even sure where their next meal will come from? How can they celebrate when they know fuel prices will go up again in a month and thereby subsequently push inflation up?

Is there a reason for a tenant to celebrate when they know the landlord expects rentals in foreign currency even though the earnings are in local currency, which is now loathed by many because of its weakness on the market?

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It’s a pity that in our country when such issues are raised, one is seen as unpatriotic. We are expected to be all bubbly, even on empty stomachs and empty purses.

Those who are corruptly lining their pockets at the expense of the majority will of course tell you Zimbabwe is a land of milk and honey.

Well, it is to them, as they don’t know what it means to seek medical help from a public hospital and failing to even get a painkiller.

As the above cartoon aptly captures the situation, Zimbabwe certainly is a mini heaven for a few as the rest will continue to eat crumbs from the tables of those at the top.

Perfectly illustrating this divide, and as if to spite the povo who are wallowing in poverty, President Emmerson Mnangagwa recently splashed US$18 million (P180 million) on a brand new helicopter.
Yet most hospitals are operating without ambulances, basic equipment and drugs.

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According to local media reports, Mnangagwa will be using the helicopter for his re-election campaign ahead of 2023 elections.

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