Nabbed …but will the law take its course?

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ON HER KNEES: Rushwaya kneeling before President Mnangagwa

Dominating the news this week is the arrest of controversial former Zimbabwe Football Association President, Henrietta Rushwaya after she allegedly tried to smuggle six kilogrammes of gold to Dubai.

The more than US$360, 000 (P3.6 million) worth of gold was discovered in her hand luggage after it was detected by a scanner.

What is interesting about this case is that Rushwaya is no ordinary woman as she is politically exposed and has close ties with those in high offices.

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Following her arrest on Monday afternoon, an undated picture of her kneeling besides President Emmerson Mnangagwa emerged, just to show her proximity to the elite.

The way she was apparently so casual about the whole thing suggests flying out with gold in her hand luggage is something she had been accustomed to, only this time around she had not played her cards right or there was a fallout with her associates somewhere along the lines.

It has always been in the news that minerals are being smuggled out of the country by the politically connected hence they are seen driving top of the range vehicles while the rest of us struggle to pay for a ride on a donkey!

Rushwaya may have been arrested but what is pretty obvious is that she will not be convicted. The case will die a natural death as has happened before with most cases involving those with political connections.

Gold is Zimbabwe’s foreign currency earner and anyone illegally dealing with the mineral should be considered an economic saboteur and dealt with accordingly but not in our country, especially when you have political Godfathers.

Meanwhile they will be busy saying sanctions are hurting Zimbabwe’s economy thereby causing untold suffering to the masses, yet they continue to loot the country’s resources for their own good.

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Another interesting item doing the news rounds these past few days is about a bogus doctor who worked at the country’s biggest hospital in Harare for six months without being dictated.

The middle aged fake doctor named Admire Chisi attended to patients and even prescribed medication until he was rumbled by a senior doctor at the hospital.

Information at hand is that Chisi came in as a volunteer when doctors and nurses were on strike during the first quarter of the year.

Apparently the man has no known background in any medical field so how he managed to fake being a doctor and writing prescriptions still remains a mystery.

He has since been arrested and thrown behind bars awaiting trial. Unlike Rushwaya, however, our fake DR is likely to face the full wrath of the law!

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